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Do you like
the sound of bubbles ?

Precious pearl necklaces of thousands of tiny bubbles buoyantly dancing up towards the surface… this is Millage: a thousand bubbles of perlage!

Just like music, Millage has a magic that captures and seduces: “Sounds like bubbles”, sparkling musical bubbles.

Millage is a multisensory delight: your sight is enchanted by a fascinating drizzle of fluctuating shiny spheres… your smell is enveloped by the intense aromas of fruit and flowers … your mouth’s papillae are delicately tinged with minerals and aromas… and the sound of the bubbles rings with instantaneous joy!

Millage is a fresh and colourful line of sparkling wines produced by Cantina La Marca using only the best grapes of the plains and hills of the Prosecco D.O.C. and D.O.C.G.